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We offer professional on-site medical coverage, rescue technicians, industrial hygienists, safety professionals for outages or any jobsite assignment. Our on-site testing services include substance abuse screening, respiratory medical clearance and fit-testing.

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Providing rescue coverage ranging from confined space, high angle and water rescue support is our specialization. For almost thirty years, we have provided competent rescue technicians into industries such as: nuclear, refining, pharmaceutical and construction. Our rescue technicians are fully trained emergency response personnel, all with qualifications to perform rescue and provide medical treatment as necessary. To ensure competency, Med-Tex performs regular site inspections of our personnel and provides extensive training of technicians on similar configurations of spaces encountered on our projects. We can also assist with rescue pre-plan development and technical rescue team training.


Employees wearing supplied air respirators (such as those in an Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health “IDLH” environment), must be supported by a rescuer with the qualifications and equipment to do so. Med-Tex Services can provide personnel to offer stand-by services for these occasions. Pre-turn around activities, tank repair and other maintenance work frequently present these kinds of exposures. Medical clearance for respirators fit testing, training and related services are also available!


Meeting appropriate response times for employees on job sites can be challenging especially for those in workplaces where serious accidents such as those involving falls, suffocation, electrocution, or amputation are possible. To help meet the intent of medical care being in reasonable proximity to employees, Med-Tex Services can staff an on-site medical/first aid station to help provide immediate care to employees and attempt to minimize the severity of an injury. Med-Tex Services can also assist with medical clearance and fit testing for respirators or substance abuse screening in these projects if desired. For your own employees, Med-Tex Services can offer First Aid/CPR and AED training at our location or yours.

Respiratory ComplianceRespirator medical clearance, (qualitative or quantitative) fit testing, program development and training are all key components of the 29 CFR 1910.134 Respiratory Protection Standard. Med-Tex can support these activates for our clients at our location or on-site at your facility or project. Med-Tex Services can also provide the respirators, cartridges and related equipment for sale. In addition, supplied air systems are available for purchase or rent.

confined space

Med-Tex Services is known in the industry as a premier confined space support contractor. Providing Confined Space/High Angle rescue teams, performing attendant duties, program development and employee training are typical offerings provided by Med-Tex Service on a daily basis and has been a core competency to our business for almost thirty years! Confined space assessments and rescue pre-plans can be provided to help your facility catalog your confined spaces. Med-Tex Services also offers the SafetySense© software to turn this into an electronic process if requested.

The frequency of programs for substance abuse screening is continuously growing. Med-Tex Services can offer collection services at our locations, your company’s facility/job site or at several labs that Med-Tex Services is affiliated with. Med-Tex Services can also offer program development, training, Third-Party Administrator “TPA” functions and support related to these policies. Med-Tex Services is a DISA-authorized collector.

Our services are available 24 hours a day, to help you with post-accident and reasonable suspicion testing, 7 days a week.

Blood_Serum_3Med-Tex Services can assist with job requirements for blood lead levels, Benzene or other related screenings. These collections can be performed at your location or one of ours. Med-Tex Services can also offer program development and training for the related programs.

Med-Tex Services is a preferred resource for our clients trying to establish new safety programs or enhance their existing programs. The typical menu items of a traditional safety consultant such as training, site inspections, safety gap analysis and incidents investigation are frequently requested support areas. In addition, Med-Tex Services provides safety staffing solutions for short or long term projects (such as construction or outage projects). We are a full service safety resource offering site specific plans, industrial hygiene surveys or any other safety demand across various topics and numerous industries.

Anticipation, recognition, evaluation and control of hazards in the workplace that may cause sickness, impaired health or discomfort is the specialized field of Industrial Hygiene. Med-Tex Services has the resources to assist with sampling, recommendations, site specific plans and training for these project challenges by certified professionals.

Fall_Protection_ConsultingFall protection challenges and the solutions to combat them are unique from one activity or workplace to another. Med-Tex Services has supported our clients through fall protection consultation including training program development, equipment supply and installations.

ISNetWorld “ISN” enrollment and maintenance can be a time consuming and challenging process. Let one of our consultants familiar with the requirements of the program be of assistance to you. Med-Tex Services can walk you through the beginning stages or offer ongoing management and upkeep of ISN.

Safety_Equipment_SupportMed-Tex Services is a step beyond a normal Personal Protective Equipment “PPE” supplier! We not only sell all PPE ranging from respiratory, fall, head, hearing and eye protection but we can also rent items such as: supplied air systems, atmospheric monitors, tripods and winches. Med-Tex Services is also a Mine Safety Appliance “MSA” authorized repair center for fall protection (such as self-retracting lanyards “SRL’s), atmospheric monitors and supplied air respirator systems.

Rescue_EquipmentMed-Tex Services can provide your technical rescue team or fire department with a full line of rescue equipment such as rope and rigging gear, atmospheric monitors, and more.

Safety Committee

Thinking of establishing a safety committee? From the development, training and maintenance including participating in your monthly meetings, Med-Tex Services can assist.

Med-Tex Services was a recipient of Pennsylvania’s 2008 Governor’s Award for Safety Excellence!

Med-Tex Services has a team of OSHA authorized (500 and 501) instructors complimented by extensive experience in various industries. We offer a long list of training programs that can be done at one of our facilities or at your project/facility.

Boat Under Bridge

For companies working over or near water there are four requirements that are needed in order to be compliant with the standard. These requirements are not specific and can lead to unanswered questions. Some of these regulations are covered by specific letters of interpretation to aid you in the decision process.

If you and/or your company are bidding a project which involves working over/near water, our experienced Water Rescue team will review the project, guide the process, and supply you with a skiff and operator.


Our team of consultants can assist your company in designing a custom safety & health process that will enable your management team to effectively communicate its principles, commitment and expectations for promoting a safe workplace. The list below provides a summary of the safety & loss control services we can provide.

  1. Inspections & Audits to address the following Insurance coverage’s:
    • Workers Compensation
    • General liability
    • Liquor Liability
    • Property
  2. Written Program & Procedure Development
    • Safety Vision Statement
    • Safety Roles & Responsibilities
    • General Safety Work Rules
    • New Hire Orientation/Safety & Health Training
    • Incident Report & Investigation
    • Emergency action Planning
    • Fire Prevention Plan
    • Life Safety
    • Hazard Communication
    • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
    • Burn Prevention
    • Cut/Laceration Prevention
    • Slip, Trip & Fall Prevention
    • Fall Protection/Work at Heights
    • Ladder Safety
    • Lifting/Material Handling
    • Machine Safety/Guarding
    • Lock-Out/Tag-Out
    • Electrical
    • Bloodborne Pathogens
    • Compressed Gas Cylinder Storage & Handling
    • Vehicle Safety
  3. Safety/Loss Prevention/Loss Control Services
    • Provide consulting services on an on-going basis
    • Conduct surveys/audits/inspections
    • Provide recommendations & implementation assistance
    • New Hire Orientation Training
    • On-Going Safety Training
    • Safety Committee Development & Implementation
    • Safety & Health Evaluations
    • Injury/Claims Analysis – Identify Trends & Claims Patterns and Provide Recommendations for Improvement
    • Facility Inspections and Hazard Identification
    • Incident Reporting, Investigations, Root Cause Analysis and Training
    •Ergonomic Assessments, Recommendations & Implementation

Our rescue technicians are fully trained emergency response personnel, all with qualifications to perform rescue and provide medical treatment if necessary. Each team member goes through a Pennsylvania certified confined space rescue course, as well as, annual training in simulated confined space mock ups. They are additionally able to act as attendants until such time that rescue becomes evident.

Our teams are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


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